Steven Van Zandt Resembles Leaving Bruce Springsteen To Committing Suicide


E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt recently had an interview with USA Today and talked about his upcoming memoir ‘Unrequited Infatuations: A Memoir.’ He revealed that he will always regret leaving the band in 1984 and resembled it to committing suicide.

E Street Band has been Bruce Springsteen’s primary backup band since 1972. The band and the singer have been getting along very well and have given Springsteen his nickname ‘The Boss.’ Springsteen carried the band, and the band carried Springsteen to a long-lasting successful career.

They achieved worldwide success with the album ‘Born in the USA.’ This album was the main reason for their commercial success with seven top ten singles. Van Zandt quit the band before they reached their commercial success, and it wasn’t an easy decision for the guitarist.

He quit because Springsteen didn’t involve him in the decision-making process and wasn’t listening to him anymore. However, recently, he stated that leaving Springsteen was like committing suicide. It was hard for the guitarist to make this decision, but he had to go through with it regardless.

Here is what Van Zandt stated when he was asked if he has regrets leaving the band:

“Totally. Forever. That will never go away. My life ended. I committed suicide for all intents and purposes, and you do have to die to be reborn. That was the end of my life, which occurred to me as I was flying down to South Africa (to research apartheid). Then my ‘Voice of America’ (album) comes out, and I didn’t know Bruce was going to call the album ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ and have the same red, white and blue and flags…

At that point, I was like, oh, I blew it. I blew my life. A couple of things happen when that occurs; you lose all fear. All of a sudden I’m going to dangerous places thinking what’s the worst that can happen? Are they gonna kill me? OK, I’m ready to go. You tend to suddenly do things in a more committed way, that life is over, so whatever is left, I really have to make it count.”

Steven continued as a solo artist after parting his ways with the E Street Band. However, he did appear as a guest in several live shows and music videos. Van Zandt reunited with the band in 1995, but this time he was only a background rhythm guitarist because Nils Lofgren was the band’s main guitarist.