Steven Van Zandt Reacts To Fans Objecting To The E Street Band Reunion

E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt was recently exposed to a few comments on Twitter regarding their energy consumption during tours. He replied to those users and reacted to their demands of not wanting E Street Band to tour with Bruce Springsteen soon.

Bruce Springsteen has been touring with E Street Band almost since the beginning of his career. Most of his work and performances feature the band and its members. The fans always associate the two acts together, and the friendly relationship between Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band’s guitarist Steven Van Zandt has proven this association correct.

Recently, Springsteen announced his world tour with E Street Band after releasing their 2020 album ‘Letter To You.’ The singer and the band announced the tour to begin in April 2023 in Spain and end in July 2023. After three years of refraining from performing to preserve the crowd’s health, they decided it was time to hit the road.

An unexpected backlash recently emerged against Steven Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen on Twitter. The fans were concerned about the energy consumption in the making of a world tour. This includes planes, stage set up, the hotels they have to stay in, the bus fuel, and similar elements. The users warned Steven Van Zandt about not doing a world tour in the middle of a climate crisis and recommended an acoustic performance instead. Considering the climate crisis and global warming are long-term concerns for every citizen of the world, Steven found this warning ridiculous and replied accordingly.

Here is what the fan said:

“Bruce, please, just don’t. You don’t need the cash, nor does Stevie Van Zandt or anyone else in the band. You don’t need to feel the love that much. Do you want to gig? Acoustic sets at the Main Point. (It’s out of business? Re-open it, my brother, rekindle the flame)”

Here is what Steven replied:

“Well, that’s a first. Some schmuck offended by a tour that includes electricity!”

Another fan added:

“I’ve loved E Street since 1981 but would be more thrilled to hear the tour wasn’t happening in a time of climate crisis than even to experience the exquisitely sad fadeout to Racing in the Street washing over me and lifting me all the day up just one more time.”

Here is Steven’s reply:

“You’re an idiot. I can dig where you’re coming from. But you’re an idiot.

You can see the tweets below.