Steven Van Zandt On The Beatles Being The Pioneers, ‘We Just Follow The Path’

E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt recently posted a tweet revealing his thoughts on the Beatles. According to Van Zandt, the Beatles are the pioneers, and the others are just following the path they opened.

After the Beatles’ final show on August 29, 1966, John Lennon began abusing drugs more frequently. Moreover, they got involved in business endeavors and formed Apple Corps. At that time, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s relationship began, and Lennon’s focus was on his new relationship.

In addition to these, the Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein passed away in 1967. Paul McCartney was a dominating figure in the band, and it started to cause tension within the Beatles. Besides, they had different opinions on how to run their Apple Corps. Due to these reasons, the Beatles broke up in 1970.

After the band split, all Beatles members pursued solo careers and achieved success as solo artists. Moreover, they also occasionally reunited for several projects. However, Lennon was murdered in 1980, and Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001. As of now, McCartney and Starr are still active in the music scene.

Recently, one of Steven Van Zandt’s followers tweeted that they saw the factors that instigated the band’s split in the Beatles documentary ‘Get Back.’ They then mentioned the tension caused by Paul’s dominating role in the group. After saying these, the fan asked whether a band should be led by one or there should be democracy among the members.

In response, Van Zandt stated that it’s easy now to comment on what the Beatles should do back then. He then implied that there weren’t any precedents for the Beatles to take as an example, so they overcame the difficulties by themselves, and the others who came after them followed their path.

One of his followers asked the following in his tweet:

“Watching ‘Get Back,’ it’s clear George felt stifled by Paul at that point, and Paul had become the dominant force in the band. Is it damaging for one of a four-piece to lead so much, or should a four-piece be a 4-way democracy for the band’s health?”

As a response, Steven Van Zandt said:

“It’s easy to look back and say it was time to take a break! Go make solo albums and then reconvene as the Beatles every three years. But they were making this sh*t up as they went along. No precedent whatsoever. They hacked their way through the jungle. We just follow the path.”

You can check out the tweets below.