Steven Van Zandt Names The Most Underrated Artist In Rock Music


In a recent tweet, E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt engaged in a discussion with his fans, where he shared his opinion about the most underrated musicians in the rock scene.

The E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt occasionally makes statements about rock music and figures on Twitter. He often shares his ideas about the ‘firsts’ and ‘bests’ of the rock world, random songs or groups/persons, and the general state of rock music.

For instance, in a previous discussion with fans on Twitter, Steven claimed that the first hard rock song was ‘You Really Got Me’ by the Kinks. In the same conversation, he also rejected the argument that Black Sabbath invented the hard rock sound, arguing that Sabbath was the predecessor of heavy metal.

Steven recently shared a tweet with which he again named one of the mosts of rock music, this time, the most underrated artist of the genre. According to Steven, Eddie Cochran, known for inspiring legends like Jimi Hendrix, is the most under-appreciated musician in rock music.

In the same conversation, the guitarist also commented on Buddy Holly, replying to a user who said he would name him the most underrated figure of the genre. Steven disagreed, saying that Holly is already known worldwide and is a member of the ‘elite club of the five artists’ whose songs have been covered by the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Stevie’s comment on Eddie read:

“He may be the single most underrated artist of the entire Rock genre.”

A fan responded:

“I’ve often considered Buddy Holly to be this.”

Here’s what the guitarist wrote:

“Nah, Buddy has always universally been recognized as a legend. Plus being one of the very elite club of the five artists covered by both the Beatles and Stones.”

You can check out the tweets below.