Steven Van Zandt Isn’t A Fan Of David Gilmour’s Music And Picks His Favorite Pink Floyd Member

E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt recently shared his views on Pink Floyd in a tweet and revealed that he only liked Syd Barrett‘s music in the band as David Gilmour‘s guitar playing is not enough for him.

Although Syd Barrett’s psychological collapse fueled by his excessive drug use led to his removal from Pink Floyd in 1968, he left behind an unbelievably influential body of work. Barrett was the band’s early years’ principal songwriter and creative genius. He helped Pink Floyd forge a new sound unlike anything heard before with his innovative and original approach to music.

Steven Van Zandt enjoys interacting with his followers on Twitter on various issues. The subject came to Pink Floyd when a user asked whether it was wrong for him to go to a Van Morrison concert, although he didn’t like his recent political stance. Van Zandt replied that it is not immoral since the art should be apart from the artist. Then, a different user gave Roger Waters another example due to his controversial political views.

Then, Van Zandt again took the stage and revealed that he only likes Syd Barrett’s music in Pink Floyd, so he doesn’t care much about the other band members. One of his followers asked the guitarist whether he finds David Gilmour a good guitarist. Steven Van Zandt praised Gilmour for being a ‘terrific guitar player,’ yet his playing is not enough for him compared to Barrett’s sound. The guitarist thinks Syd Barrett’s contribution to Pink Floyd’s music was unique and better than the other members.

A user wrote after Van Zandt’s comment on Van Morrison:

“I get that. It’s hard sometimes, for example, Roger Waters. He’s become persona non grata in some circles, as we all know, yet others ignore his ramblings.”

The guitarist replied:

“Lucky for me, I only like Syd’s stuff.”

Another user asked:

“You didn’t think Gilmour was any good? Jeez, he blew my mind. Just like Jimmy Page with all his sloppiness.”

Van Zandt responded:

“He’s a terrific guitar player. That’s not enough for me.

You can check out the tweets below.