Steven Van Zandt Disses Elon Musk’s ‘Fascist Takeover’

Steven Van Zandt recently took to Twitter to diss the platform and Elon Musk for the ‘fascist takeover.’ The rocker’s response came to a tweet by John Cusack, who has previously been accused of antisemitism, in which he called out Twitter for blocking his feed. Stevie wrote:

“Perhaps for the best, the fascist takeover of the Twitterverse is its extinction event.”

The singer went on to share that his follower count has been declining ever since he tweeted that the Attorney General should arrest Elon Musk. He added:

“My followers suddenly stopped increasing weeks ago when I called on our tower of strength AG Barney Fife to arrest Elon Musk for his obvious violation of the Logan Act. Where shall we all go?”

The reason behind Stevie’s tweet was Musk’s actions in the Russian-Ukraine war. Elon initially put forth a vote to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine on his platform. His remarks on social media did not violate the Logan Act, which says that US citizens cannot conduct foreign diplomacy without government consent.

However, Elon allegedly did speak with Vladimir Putin before sharing his ideas for a peaceful solution. The president of the Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer, even came forward and said that Musk told the political consultant that he had discussed negotiation terms with Putin. When Elon and Putin denied these allegations, no charges were filed against the tech billionaire.

It’s not the first time Stevie has called out Musk for losing followers. He even previously tweeted that Elon was deleting them by saying:

“Losing followers by the hour, and I’m not even pissing anybody off! Maybe Elon is upset because I revealed his buddy DeSantis is a nazi and part of the wanna-be Fourth Reich with Trump, Bannon, Miller, Gorka, Stone, Flynn, West, Fuentes, Jones, Greene, Carlson, McCarthy, et al.”

You can read Stevie Van Zandt’s tweet below.