Steven Van Zandt Clears The Air About ‘Sopranos’ Salary Dispute

The guitarist Steven Van Zandt revealed recently on Twitter the truth behind the salary dispute ‘The Sopranos’ cast had in the past when asked about it.

Steven Van Zandt is best known as the guitarist of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. He first appeared as the official band member during the ‘Born to Run’ tour in 1975. The musician contributed to the group with his excellent lead guitar skills. After almost ten years, he parted ways with E Street Band. However, he took the stage with the band a few times, including 2009’s Super Bowl, and later returning the band.

Besides his musical career, Van Zandt is known for his appearance in the series ‘The Sopranos.’ The musician played the right-hand man, Silvio Dante, of the Italian-American mobster Tony Soprano, starring James Gandolfini. He performed an excellent job as a rocker with no experience in acting. Later, in 2008, Van Zandt also appeared in the online game World of Warcraft advertisement by performing his ‘The Sopranos’ role Silvio Dante by quoting from another crime movie, ‘The Godfather III.’

There was a report in the past that James Gandolfini gave $33.000 to the entire cast team after a dispute broke out in his contract with HBO. When Van Zandt was asked about it via Twitter, the rocker stated that Gandolfini did not do this to resolve the dispute. As Van Zandt revealed, the actor received a big raise and divided the money among the cast. The rocker expressed his admiration for the actor by adding that he was an exceptional person.

When asked about the salary dispute, Steven Van Zandt responded:

“It wasn’t to settle a salary dispute. He had gotten a big raise and just divided it amongst the cast. He was one of a kind.”

You can see the tweet below.