Steven Van Zandt Clarifies His Involvement In Bruce Springsteen’s New Album

Steven Van Zandt responded to a fan’s question in a Twitter post and revealed whether he contributed to Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming album.

Only the Strong Survive‘ will hit the shelves on November 11. It will be Bruce Springsteen’s 21st studio album and will also be his second cover album after the 2006 release ‘We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions.’ Springsteen revealed earlier that he had wished to release an album that would do justice to the American songbook of the ’60s and ’70s. Hence this album, comprised of fifteen R&B and soul music greats is collected from the legendary catalogs of Motown, Gamble and Huff, Stax, and many more.

Rumors began to circulate around whether Steven Van Zandt was also contributing to this album, especially after the second single, ‘Nightshift.’ Van Zandt still plays with Bruce in the E Street Band. Not only is he known for his creative partnership with Bruce Springsteen, but these two are also very close friends and spend time off stage as well. However, neither of them has made a statement about the issue so far.

As the highly anticipated album’s release date approaches, a Twitter user asked the guitarist if he was involved in Bruce Springsteen’s new record. Answering this question briefly, Van Zandt clarified the rumors and said that the album was ‘produced by Bruce and Ron Aniello.’ So, he didn’t take part in the production process of the forthcoming record. However, there is no official statement.

A fan asked:

“Were you involved in producing Bruce’s new album?

Van Zandt replied:

“Produced by Bruce and Ron Aniello.”

You can check out Steven Van Zandt’s tweet below.