Steven Van Zandt Chooses To Remain Silent After Death Threats

With a new tweet, Steven Van Zandt recently revealed why he decided to avoid discussing politics on social media. Sharing his thoughts about Joe Biden’s decision to visit Israel for the ongoing war, he first wrote:

“Everybody knows I have stopped all political commentary. So, what I’m about to say has nothing to do with politics. I think Biden going over right now is a big mistake. It’s too dangerous and volatile a situation. Let Blinken talk to everybody. Joe has made his position clear.”

About this change of attitude, a follower commented:

“I used to enjoy and agree with your political commentary, and I am somewhat concerned about your silence at this time.”

So, the guitarist explained his current stance against politics by exposing the death threats he’s been receiving:

“Try having you and your family’s life threatened every five minutes and then come back to me. The world will survive without my opinions. We are now exclusively all about Art and Education and Common Ground and Love. And when lazy, drunk, or both-Football!”

The last time Van Zandt made a political commentary was when he shared his opinions on Donald Trump’s second attempt for the US presidency on X. Almost two weeks ago, the E Street Band member explained why Trump ran for re-election by writing:

“If I actually thought about it or cared, I would guess Trump will become Speaker and continue to run for President. Why not? It’s just more cover for him. The biggest possible daily stage to spew his shit (his rally crowds have disappeared). And more fear for the cowardly DOJ.”

When a user suggested that the ex-President wouldn’t ‘do any real work’ as Speaker, he added:

“There is no Magat doing real work in the House. Just disruption, dysfunction, and sedition. He’ll fit right in. He invented it.”

Check out Steven Van Zandt’s tweets below.