Steven Van Zandt Calls Jeff Beck And Johnny Depp’s New Album A ‘Creative Masterpiece’

Even though Johnny Depp has teamed up with various rockers over the years, such as Alice Cooper and Neil Young, the actor finally has an album of his own. But, of course, not without the musical genius of Jeff Beck. The duo released their record, ‘18,’ in July, and congratulations have been in order ever since. Steven Van Zandt is one of the rockers who celebrated the pair’s record, as he called it, a ‘masterpiece,’ on Twitter.

“Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp’s album ‘18’ is an extraordinarily creative masterwork by two of our most adventurous artists,” tweeted Zandt and shared his appreciation of their new record. “Our coolest song in the world this week, ‘Isolation,’ is just the tip of the ingenious iceberg. The Yin/Yang nature of the moods makes it feel like a best of.”

It is known that Jeff and Johnny met in 2016, but the instant connection they shared quickly turned into creative sessions as Beck and Depp started working on an album. The guitarist, however, had previously disclosed that the process wasn’t that easy since he and Johnny encountered creative differences.

Furthermore, during the record’s creation process, the actor was experiencing some personal problems, such as the public trial involving his ex-wife Amber Heard and his painkiller addiction. Still, Jeff and Johnny’s joint work proved that art could help people cope with their problems and channel their feelings.

Despite the hardships, the duo released their album in July 2022, after a few years in the making. The record featured covers of blues rock tracks and original material from Beck and Depp. It has received generally positive reviews, and Steven Van Zandt also complimented the record by appreciating a particular song.