Steven Van Zandt Addresses The Possibility Of E Street Band Only Playing In States With Gun Laws

E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt recently responded to a fan’s tweet on his official Twitter account and stated that they’d never play in the United States if they didn’t play in states with poor gun laws.

Gun control and laws related to it are among the most divisive topics in American politics nowadays. These discussions grow even more prominent with each mass shooting in the country. Some citizens advocate stricter gun regulations to ensure their safety, whereas others fear a loss of protection. They argue that restricting the right to bear arms would leave citizens vulnerable to protect themselves in their daily lives.

Gun regulations also vary from state to state in the country. All have different conditions for obtaining guns. State gun laws are not under the control of the federal government. Political viewpoints and party affiliations play a considerable role in each state’s gun laws. Some parts of the country have looser regulations, while some states have stricter enforced gun laws.

A Twitter user asked Steven Van Zandt whether they would consider playing in his small town, Tuscon. Then, another user replied to the tweet by saying that the state needs to change its gun laws if they want the band in the town. Then, the guitarist stepped into the conversation and stated that he never said they wouldn’t play in the states with poor gun laws. If they did that, they would never play all over the United States. Van Zandt hopes for more regulations on gun laws, but he is doubtful that it will happen soon.

Twitter user’s request from Steven Van Zandt:

“Ok, since you are taking requests. How about the small market that you both mentioned in the song. I was in the front row when you played ‘Tucson Train.’ Let’s have the band bring it to Tucson. You all have big fans in town.”

Another user replied:

“Change your state’s gun laws, and then maybe Steven Van Zandt will play your sh*thole state.”

Steven Van Zandt wrote:

“I never said that. If we didn’t play states with bad gun laws, we’d never play America! Let’s hope some common sense gets legislated nationally, but I doubt there will be. There will be no sanity, guns or environment, or any true quality of life until Buckley/Valeo is reversed.”

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