Steve Miller Says He Thought Jefferson Airplane Was Pretty Lame


Steve Miller Band frontman Steve Miller recently joined an interview with Louder Sound and stated that when he first watched Jefferson Airplane live, he wasn’t impressed at all.

Jefferson Airplane was one of the bands that defined the San Fransisco sound during the 1960s. The band achieved international success with Grace Slick and Marty Barin on vocals and Jorma Kaukonen on lead guitar. They were highly productive from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, launching the classic songs, ‘Somebody to Love,’ and ‘White Rabbit.’

They extensively toured during those years and appeared at all the major festivals of the time. The band is still remembered among the pioneers of psychedelic rock and one of the most prominent figures of the counterculture movement in the 1960s. Despite the band’s mainstream success and worldwide recognition, Steve Miller’s first reaction to watching them live was not positive.

The guitarist said that when he first arrived in California in the mid-’60s, he thought the musicians in the area were terrible. Then, he listened to the Grateful Dead but didn’t take their music seriously. He felt the same when he first saw Jefferson Airplane. According to Miller, their sound was ‘pretty lame.’ So, he thought their music wasn’t worth taking seriously. He instead liked the style of the Quicksilver Messenger Service members and the music of Country Joe & The Fish.

Miller’s words on Jefferson Airplane are as follows:

“The first time I saw the Grateful Dead, I went, ‘Whuh?’ They were rag-tag bunch of folks. Same with Jefferson Airplane. I thought they were pretty lame. I’d already played 2,000 gigs before I got to Frisco. I wasn’t impressed. I liked the Quicksilver Messenger Service guys. Dino Valenti was a good songwriter, though they weren’t a great band. I liked Country Joe & The Fish, who made original music. I hung out with them.”

Steve Miller has been still actively performing with his band, Steve Miller Band. Although they haven’t released any new material since their latest studio album, 2011’s ‘Let Your Hair Down,’ they still keep touring and meeting with their fans.