Steve Lukather’s Son Trev Reveals If He’s The New Guitarist Of Smashing Pumpkins

Is Trev Lukather the new Smashing Pumpkins guitarist? Well, he was offered to be.

Just a few days back, Trev posted a photo from the studio with The Smashing Pumpkins. Since then, some have been speculating if he’s the new guitarist for the band.

Trev took to X to reveal whether or not he accepted the gig. When music journalist Mitch Lafon asked about the possibility of the two parties working together, Trev replied:

“BC and I are pals. Pumpkins are looking for a new guitarist and by the time BC called me to let me know when I could come in and play to see if it fits, I was booked for our The Effect tour. I wanted to jam any way & Perry wanted to support & come with. It was a great hang and jam.”

Schroeder’s Departure

Last October, the original Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder announced he was leaving the band. He posted on social media, talking about his time in the band and why he’s moving on to something else:

“The amount of incredible memories created over the last 16 years with the band are almost too numerous to quantify. Although it was a very difficult decision to make, I’ve decided to leave the band to make some space to explore a slightly different path.”

Following the announcement, the band wrote:

“We thank Jeff for his ceaseless dedication to the band and our great fans. Words can not express our gratitude and appreciation for the friend he is, and being there for SP in the good times and the tough times, too.”

The band also thanked him for all his hard work and what he brought to the table over the years. Schroeder’s last gig with the band was in September 2023 at Madame ZuZu’s Teahouse in Highland Park, Illinois.

The Band Is Still Looking For A Guitarist

Since the guitarist left, rumors have been flying around about who the next one will be. The search for a new guitarist kicked off on January 5th, right after Smashing Pumpkins posted the word on Instagram about the gap. In their announcement, the band wrote:

“The Smashing Pumpkins are in search of an additional guitarist. The application process is open to anyone who might be interested. Applicants may submit a resume and related material to”

So, with the recent clarification, it’s still unclear who the new guitarist is. You can see Trev’s post below.