Steve Lukather Recalls Rush’s Attempt To Sabotage Toto

Steve Lukather recently appeared on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music podcast and remembered how Rush once interrupted Toto’s performance by pulling the plug on them.

The guitarist shared his memory with Rush in Toto’s early days, saying:

“We wanted to come out rock, and we were a rock band, and they put us in the p*ssy band category, after all that. We were getting in the rock radio, and we were getting shows. We opened for Rush, and they pulled the plug on us. I guess we were going down too well, and they pulled the plug on us.”

Recalling his reaction and the afterward of the incident, he continued:

“It was f*cking weird. I get it, but it was like being the opening band and treated as such; I’ll put it that way. That was back in the ’70s. If you were the opening act, the headliner could f*ck you. Number two lights or something else. I think we had innocently gone like thirty seconds, and all I heard was Jeff [Porcaro] playing drums and Lenny [Castro] playing percussion.”

Speaking to Sonic Perspectives in a 2021 chat, Lukather talked about the same occasion and then was asked if he had reconciled with the Rush members later on. The musician explained:

“Never met them. I talked to them once on the phone. It’s OK; it didn’t have anything to do with the bands per se; that was just the crew. Sometimes, these crew guys go at it. It was a hundred years ago, it doesn’t matter, I’m not holding some grudges, ‘Oh, I hate Rush’ – that’s not the case at all.”

Toto and Rush had the chance to share the same stage when the former opened for them during the ‘Hydra’ era in 1979. Rush, on the other hand, was on the way to promote their sixth album, ‘Hemispheres.’

Below, you can listen to the entire chat Lukather joined.