Steve Howe Picks The ‘Defining Voice’ Of Yes

Yes guitarist Steve Howe revealed his choice of the defining voice of the band.

Howe appeared on Guitar Player to reflect on the 50th anniversary of ‘Tales From Topographic Oceans’ and his new interpretation of Tomorrow’s debut album, ‘Permanent Dream.’ During the conversation about the band’s latest album, ‘Mirror To The Sky,’ the rocker was asked whether or not his guitar was the defining voice of the band after all the lineup changes. Although he affirmed, he acknowledged that he isn’t the only person to give Yes the defining sound. The rocker shared the following:

“Yeah, I guess I’d have to admit that maybe I’ve always believed that, but not any less than Jon Anderson’s voice was an integral part of Yes – at a time, an essential part.”

Although Anderson is no longer in the band, he decided to keep going with the band. He continued:

“But I have had this great opportunity to continue that path, if you like, of working out how to develop it. It’s very flattering to consider that, but I won’t dwell on it too much. I just think it’s what I do.”

The band had many changes in their members during their career, and although their current vocalist is Jon Davison, Howe seems to have chosen Anderson as he has been the frontman for almost the entire discography. The rocker also made it clear that being Yes is a shared belief, and that ‘in a way,’ no one can replace Jon Anderson and Chris Squire.

Below, you can listen to the latest Yes record, ‘Mirror To The Sky.’