Slipknot Places Mysterious Billboards To Tease A ‘One Night Only’ Event

Slipknot hints at their new event with mysterious billboards and a website.

The band put up a billboard in Indio, California, close to where Coachella and Power Trip festivals happened. The billboard has Slipknot’s logo and says ‘ONE NIGHT ONLY’ and ‘LONG MAY YOU DIE.’

It also has a website URL,, which is similar to an old-school blog about the band. The website has Slipknot’s upcoming shows listed and the songs from their first album released in 1999.

The website also includes a full bio about the history of the ‘Slipknot’ album. The band is going on tour in Europe at the end of the year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut record. They’ll perform it as a whole.

Slipknot Continues With A New Drummer

Before that, they’ll play at festivals in North and South America during spring and autumn. The group starts this month at Sick New World in Las Vegas on April 27. Slipknot’s 2024 concerts will be the first ones since 2013 without their former drummer Jay Weinberg.

Slipknot parted ways with Weinberg in November 2023 by citing creative reasons. The band has been dropping hints on social media about who their new drummer will be. Last month, they shared a post on Instagram with a broken drumstick, writing in the caption:


There Are Some Theories About The New Band Member

They haven’t announced the new drummer yet, but fans think it might be Eloy Casagrande from Sepultura. Casagrande also uses a Promark drumstick, which is seen in the photo. One of the fans wrote in the comments:

“It’s Eloy. Stop acting like 100% of us don’t know.”

Another one said:

“TX5BW, Eloy’s signature drumstick!”

Casagrande left Sepultura in February to join a ‘new project.’ The drummer said in his statement:

“So, first of all, I reiterate my thanks to Sepultura and the fans for everything we’ve been through. Maybe for the band’s fans, it doesn’t make sense at this point, but decisions needed to be made thinking about new cycles that will come. We are made of choices and they are not always easy. My departure will never erase my respect and gratitude to the band. There is a lot to come and I hope to continue making a lot of music and art. See you on the road.”

After their Las Vegas gig on April 27, Slipknot’s next show is on May 12 at Welcome To Rockville. They will also play at the Columbus Sonic Temple Festival on May 19. The band will have a break from touring in the summer and will keep performing live in September.