Slash Says He Never Related To KISS And David Bowie Adopting Stage Personas

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash gave an interview to Revolver’s Fan First, during which he admitted that he never really related to the way KISS and David Bowie adopted stage personalities.

Slash is known for his tenure in Guns N’ Roses as the band’s lead guitarist and his black felt top hat and sunglasses, the guitarist’s trademark look. He created his custom headwear when he first joined GN’R after he shoplifted the hat and a Native American-style silver belt and combined both.

Although Slash’s stage appearance is rather simple, many musicians take it to the extreme by wearing elaborate costumes and makeup. For instance, KISS goes on the stage wearing face-paint associated with their stage personas, and they wear pretty heavy outfits uniquely designed for them.

Apart from KISS, David Bowie was also known for his elaborate stage costumes and alter egos, such as Ziggy Stardust. When he took to the stage as Ziggy, Bowie had a bright red mullet, dressed in glamorous outfits with flared legs and shoulders or wore the costumes specially designed for him, and used heavy makeup to make his skin look pale.

As his mother, Ola J. Hudson was a fashion designer and costumier who also worked with David Bowie, Slash knew a thing or two about Bowie’s dazzling stage looks. However, according to what the guitarist told Revolver’s Fan First, he hardly relates to these things because it feels very animated to him.

During the interview, Slash said he liked Bowie the most when he was only wearing plain suits rather than elaborate stage costumes. Moreover, he said he feels the same with KISS and other theatrical bands. Slash added that he never related to having a stage persona on top of making music, and he never wanted to get that colorful.

About Bowie and KISS’ stage personas, Slash said the following:

“I never looked at music that way. I think I like Bowie the most when he was during that period where he was just wearing the suits my mom was doing for him. Some of the other more creative stuff – I never really related to because it was always very animated to me. That’s one of the reasons why.

Same with KISS, and same with a lot of those very theatrical kinds of bands, although I love Rocky Horror when that was happening. But yeah, for bands to sort of put on that whole sort of persona on top of the music, for some reason, it never really clicked with me. So, for me personally, it’s always been pretty stripped down. You know, I never wanted to get real colorful.”

You can watch the full interview below: