Slash Picks The Three Guns N’ Roses Shows That Became Career Highlights

Twenty years after his departure, Slash rejoined Guns N’ Roses for 2016’s Coachella. The news delighted fans as he has been an inseparable part of the band’s sound. Speaking to Eddie Trunk for an interview, the guitarist recently listed three of their shows he considers the highlights of Guns N’ Roses’ career.

Following the Coachella appearance, Guns N’ Roses hit the road for their ‘Not In This Lifetime… Tour.’ The band’s fanbase was pretty excited to see the band together with Slash and Duff McKagan after a long time. Moreover, the tour was a landmark event with around 175 dates spanning nearly four years. As it seems, it hosted Slash’s personal career highlights as well.

“I mean, definitely the first show at the Troubadour because that was us coming full circle and especially coming back together after 20 years,” said Slash, highlighting the importance of the first concert after their reunion. “That was a really memorable and poignant gig for me. There have been so many shows, [so] it’s hard for me. I think the first gig we did at River Plate after we got back together in Argentina was really memorable.”

“I’m trying to think — when we headlined Donington a couple of years ago,” added the musician, listing another date from the ‘Not In This Lifetime… Tour.’ “I mean, there’s been a bunch of, really — I feel bad for even singling out a couple because it’s been an epic run with many really great shows that are all worth listing.”

So, Slash believes GN’R had an epic run throughout their ‘Not In This Lifetime…’ reunion tour, and he has many personal favorites among the dates. While their first show together at the Troubadour meant so much to the guitarist, the gigs in Argentina and Donington were also worth listing.