Shooter Jennings Recalls Picking Johnny Cash As His Godfather

Shooter Jennings had the opportunity to be around legendary names as a kid, including Willie Nelson to Johnny Cash. He seemed to have developed an extraordinary bond with Johnny as he picked the country icon as his godfather. While recently chatting with Scott Lipps, Jennings recalled how he had chosen Cash as his godfather.

Shooter’s parents, the two country legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, were good friends with other musicians, and Shooter was born into the music industry. He grew up around many cult acts, so when his father had a fallout with his initial godfather, Jennings had to choose. He was in luck, though, as he knew who to choose.

“It kind of takes a while for you to get perspective on things,” admitted Shooter as he recalled growing up around many country legends. “So, I remember them very clearly, especially Johnny Cash. He was a very kind guy, and I remember he and I had several conversations.”

He continued, “He was my godfather. And so… It was weird; I [initially] had a godfather that I didn’t really know, that my dad had as his manager, and my dad had a falling out with him, watch it at him. [Laughs] Just kidding. He had a falling out with the guy, and I remember he let me pick my godfather, and I picked Cash. I was like seven or something.”

“I just remember he was warm, you know? He was around, and I knew they were really good friends,” said Shooter, recalling why Johnny was his first choice. He continued, “Cash lived part of the time in Jamaica, part of the time out in Hendersonville. So, my dad’s really closest friends were Tony Joe White, who he hung out with all the time, and George Jones, who hung with a lot when they were in town. And, of course, Willie, who lived in Texas.”

The son of the famous Jennings family was born into the music industry as his parents were prosperous country musicians. Thus, he had the chance to meet and have intimate, personal relationships with various legends, including his godfather, Johnny Cash.