Shindedown Superfan Grandma Goes Viral With Headbanging Video

A clip of an elderly fan having the best moment of her life at a Shinedown concert has gone viral.

As shared by the band’s photographer, Sanjay Parikh, Lauri Norris is seen wearing a shirt decorated with Shinedown album covers and headbanging in the front row during the band’s 2008 hit, ‘Sound of Madness.’ She is seen shouting the lyrics along with Brent Smith.

The now-viral video reached six million views a week after it was posted, and it even put ‘Sound of Madness’  back up to No. 1 on the iTunes Rock Chart.

Shinedown’s Reaction To The Fan

Brent Smith is well aware of his superfan since he even made a reaction video about her. The rocker shared the video on Instagram, where he mimicked singing their hit song.

After the video, the superfan and Brent Smith have even met face-to-face. In another video shared on the band’s Instagram account, Smith talks to Norris, hugs her, and calls her one of the best attendees to their shows. Norris goes on to tell the frontman that she has been coming to their shows for twenty years.

You can see the viral video below.


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