Scott Ian Compares New Motor Sister Record To Guns N’ Roses’ Debut Album

Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian recently gave an interview to Classic Rock and drew parallels between the new Motor Sister album and Guns N’ Roses‘ debut ‘Appetite For Destruction.’

His wife Pearl Aday and Scott Ian came together with the former members of Mother Superior in 2014 and formed the supergroup Motor Sister. Ian’s career as a member of Motor Sister began when his wife reached out to Jim Wilson for his husband to play some of his Mother Superior songs with the singer.

During a studio session, bassist Joey Vera and drummer John Tempesta joined Pearl Aday, Scott Ian, and Jim Wilson. This collaboration led to the band’s re-recording of twelve of Mother Superior’s songs and releasing them under the name Motor Sister with the 2015’s album ‘Ride.’

After ‘Ride,’ Motor Sister released a new album titled ‘Get Off’ on May 6, 2022. This album features eleven original songs and one Mother Superior cover. Moreover, it has influences from Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, and KISS. In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Scott Ian revealed his thoughts on the album ‘Get Off.’

Scott Ian told Classic Rock that the track ‘Sooner Or Later’ feels like the best Thin Lizzy song since ‘Black Rose.’ He then said ‘Get Off’ is the music in their DNA as it features songs that have been influenced by the music they love. Moreover, Ian revealed he wanted to describe the record as the best hard rock album since GN’R’s ‘Appetite For Destruction’ in their press biography, but they left that line out.

In the interview with Classic Rock, Scott Ian said the following:

“When Jim played us that demo of ‘Sooner Or Later,’ I said: ‘This is the best Lizzy song since ‘Black Rose’!’ You could imagine Phil Lynott singing that song. This record is scratching an itch that you didn’t even know you had. It’s the music in our DNA. When we were asked to describe the record for our press biography, I said it’s the best hard rock record since ‘Appetite For Destruction.’ But they left that line out!”

You can listen to the Motor Sister album ‘Get Off’ and GN’R debut below.