Sammy Hagar Says His Favorite Rock Star Keith Richards Can’t Do Anything But Play Music


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar recently spoke to TMZ Live and stated that the only thing his idol Keith Richards can do is play music while he can occupy himself with other works.

Besides his prolific music career since the early 1970s with several bands, including Montrose, Van Halen, and Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar is also a businessman who runs a tequila brand and restaurant chain named Cabo Wabo. It has been over thirty years since the singer entered this business, which he successfully operates. His signature tequila brand is also the same name as the company.

Although the business was initially a financial failure, the rocker succeeded in turning it into a popular resort. Hagar also occasionally performs at his restaurant. The singer admitted before that he uses live shows and tours to promote his brand and business since it is a less expensive way of making them heard.

During a new appearance, Sammy Hagar said he feels lucky to have an occupation outside of music since it allows him to play because he just likes it. He doesn’t have to do it for a living anymore. Then, Sammy referred to his favorite rock star, the Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards, with whom he has been dreaming of jamming for years, by saying that the guitarist can’t do anything but play music since he is in love with it. Hagar doesn’t think he can make music at the same tempo for years like him. Thus, he also canalized his energy to other works outside of music so that he could play only for pleasure.

Sammy Hagar’s words on his motivation to continue playing music:

“When you’ve been doing it as long as me, unless you’re Keith Richards, who I don’t think can do anything but play music — I love this guy; he’s my favorite rock star on the planet — a lot of people are doing it for money, and they go out, and they punch a clock. So we do it for fun. It’s almost like we’re in a garage band again because I make my living another way, and music is something I just love to do. But if someone said, ‘Hey, you’re gonna play 150 shows this year,’ I’d tell them, ‘I quit.’ Because I know, I would get pissed off, and I’d be saying, ‘Oh, I’ve gotta do a show tonight, man. There’s a great boxing match on.’ Or, ‘I wanna take my wife out and go and have a nice dinner.'”

You can watch the video below.