Sammy Hagar Reveals Mark Cuban’s Irrefutable Offer

In a recent episode of ‘Storytime with Sammy Hagar,’ the Red Rocker shared that despite not usually playing private shows, it was impossible to refuse the offer to do a private show, specifically a wedding in a huge arena for mega-fan businessman Mark Cuban.

Hagar recalled the offer on the table to play the private event was too good to resist as Cuban had played his cards right when he promised to build the entire production ready for the wedding at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas, not to mention the big check at the end.

The kicker of the whole event was that once the curtains were raised, Sammy was in disbelief as there were only 77 people in the massive 20,000-seater arena. The big production was only for Cuban’s close circle, including his and his wife’s family, friends, and his basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks.

Sammy Hagar’s words about playing for Mark Cuban’s wedding read:

“Have I ever played at a wedding? Oh yes, I have, but only one; no, I played only two weddings my whole life. The first private event I ever did in my life was for a wedding, and I said no. I said I don’t do private events number one, and I don’t do weddings, especially if I’m going to do a private one. They just kept raising the stakes, kept raising the money.”

“They said we’re going to build your whole stage production exactly when you go on tour; it’s with the wobbles where I had people on stage and waitresses serving me drinks, and the guy said, but ‘I’m picking the setlist,’ and I looked at the setlist and it was awesome. I’m like, Well, yeah, this is a good rock Sammy setlist. I can do this,’ and finally, I said, ‘I’m going to do this.’ This is too much; it’s in a giant arena; it’s in an American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.”

He added:

It was for Mark Cuban, who was a huge fan. It was the first private I ever did and the first wedding I ever played in my life for Mark Cuban. Guess how many people were in that 20,000-seater? Seventy-seven people, and it was his basketball team, him and his wife’s families, that’s it.”

“It was crazy; he had a reveal, curtains; we walked out behind the curtains, and they pulled up the curtain. I’m like, ‘What the f*ck?’ there’s like 70 people around the front of the stage, it sounded horrible, and he did the entire production; all the lights sound everything just like in a giant arena show.”

Sammy recalled that it was a shock when he realized it was an intimate event and the whole show was ‘horrible’ because it was designed for an arena show and a packed crowd. Nonetheless, he still did the show, which was one of only two weddings he ever played moving forward.