Sammy Hagar Explains Why He’s Having Hard Time With Lyrics Lately

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar opened up about how the coronavirus pandemic affected his songwriting skills during an interview with Forbes and stated that he’s having a hard time finding inspiration for writing a song since there’s so much negativity in the air.

As many of you know, the coronavirus pandemic provided plenty of leisure time, especially for the musicians and bands which led them to create brand new albums and tracks meanwhile. As so many of them stated, the lockdowns have been a source of creativity and productivity, lucky for fans.

However, while some musicians preferred to create new music for the past year, some leaned on other projects such as writing a book, launching new merchandise, and starting a live streaming series, Sammy Hagar chose to create a ‘Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum’ business which is something he’s quite interested in coming up with the different type of alcohol brands such as his previous tequila brand, ‘Cabo Wabo Tequila.’

During a recent interview, The Circle frontman was asked if he has been productive during the coronavirus pandemic just like his fellow musicians and he stated that, unlike numerous other artists, he finds it difficult to come up with lyrics despite having a million ideas. Hagar also revealed the reason why he’s having a hard time writing a song, and apparently, he’s a positive person and these hard times affected him the wrong way.

Here is what Sammy said:

“It’s funny cause I haven’t been that prolific during COVID. I have a million ideas. But I’m having a hard time with lyrics because I’m not a negative person and there are so many negative things. It seems like a negative time and I don’t like to write about that. I really don’t like writing about being locked down. So with my band, we did the Lockdown Sessions of cover songs, one new song. And that’s about as creative as I’ve been on that level.

What I’ve done is I’ve turned this time off into being able to deal with all of my different business ventures that sometimes get neglected. Other people have to do the work. They call me up and say, ‘What do you want to do about this?’ I say, ‘I don’t know, I don’t have time for that.’ ‘Then why’d you start the damn business?’ ‘Cause I’m an idiot.’ You give me five minutes off and I start a new business. So I really have been massaging all those things and being able to do stuff like this for Beach Bar Rum and for my Santo Tequila and for my Cabo Wabo Cantina. All these places needed attention. I really focused and have got so much done. I’m so happy to start touring again and tell all these people, ‘I don’t have time for that today. I got a show tonight.'”

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