Sam Ryder Recalls Dave Grohl’s Mind-Blowing Invitation That Came From Roger Taylor

Recently, Sam Ryder had a chat with Ben Burrell from Absolute Radio at the Isle of Wight Festival 2023. During the conversation, he brought up a phone call he received from Roger Taylor, which was about Dave Grohl’s offer for him to perform with Queen.

The singer, who performed with the band at Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert last September, was filming for the series ‘Trainspotting’ when he first heard from Taylor’s team:

“We were up in the Spitfires, and we had our phones on aeroplane mode. So I missed a phone call that was obviously a very important phone call. And I landed, and I was chased up, ‘Did you get the phone call from someone?’ And I went, ‘No, what you were talking about?!’

Then it came through again, and it was from Roger Taylor’s team saying, ‘Are you busy on Saturday? Because Dave Grohl has asked if you want to play with Queen, and Queen really want to do it!’ I literally burst into tears. I can’t express in this short amount of time that we have together and how much that meant to me.”

Ryder went on to talk about Queen’s effect on him and praised the band by saying:

“(Queen) were the very reason that myself and so many others picked up a guitar, picked up a microphone and just it to follow in the footsteps, just to even be part of that trail that they blazed is an honor to all of us.

To get that opportunity to sing that song ‘Somebody To Love’ on the same patch of ground – I know it’s a new stadium, but it’s the same sort of coordinates – that the last time it was sung was by George Michael at Freddie (Mercury) ‘s memorial concert (in April 1992). That’s the last time the band were there.”

He also spoke about Taylor Hawkins and the performance at the tribute:

“It meant so much, and I just went out there and sang my absolute head off and loved every second and just celebrated the life of Taylor loudly with everyone in that stadium because he was an enigma and just the greatest because he doesn’t inspire people just with his ability, he inspired people – and continues to do so – with his attitude and his charisma and his character.

You watch (footage of) Taylor Hawkins playing the drums now; he doesn’t just play it. He’s smiling. It’s like he has to do that because there’s no other thing in this world that he’d rather do. And that’s so important for new people in music to see.”

Apparently, getting Sam Ryder to sing ‘Somebody to Love’ with the Queen members was Roger Taylor’s idea. Dave Grohl mentioned that while introducing the singer on stage at the concert and said:

“We have a very special guest tonight who you may not expect. We didn’t. When we were talking about this next song to perform, we weren’t actually sure who we should get to come up and sing it with us, and I think it might have been Roger who had this idea.

Roger showed us a clip of someone singing along to this song, and we made one phone call, and within 20 minutes, this person told us that he would come here tonight to sing it with us. So, would you please welcome the most amazing vocalist? Sam Ryder, come up to sing with us tonight.”

After this, Ryder teamed up with a member of the band once again. In May, he and Brian May released a new song together called ‘Fought & Lost.’