Rudolf Schenker Responds To His Brother Michael’s ‘Bully’ Accusations

Rudolf and Michael Schenker‘s problems with each other had taken a whole new level when Michael recently called Rudolf a ‘bully.’ Not long after, an interview with Rudolf was released, and he replied to his brother’s ‘bully’ accusations.

Michael and Rudolf Schenker are well-known siblings to enter the rock and roll world together when Rudolf found Scorpions in 1965. The German band quickly became an iconic act on rock stages, and they have released their most known songs, ‘Wind of Change’ and ‘Still Loving You,’ which contributed to their fame and fortune.

While Michael was an early member of the band, he quit to establish a more original solo career and eventually joined UFO. The guitarist refused many offers from names like Ozzy Osbourne and Deep Purple, which he rejected because he wanted to keep his originality and not have to learn their songs mechanically. On the other hand, Rudolf is still with Scorpions and is active to this day with the band.

Like most siblings who work together, there is some tension between the two, and Michael had recently talked about his resentment towards his brother. He stated that Rudolf is a bully, and he doesn’t feel comfortable being around him. He also said that he doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want to be in contact with bullies. He had previously expressed such opinions about his brother, and it doesn’t seem like his ideas have changed.

Here are Michael’s words:

“Rudolf, my brother, is a bully, and I don’t trust him. I don’t hang out or don’t make contact with bullies, neither [are] good. I don’t think you like to. I don’t any normal person would, you know, it’s just [that] I don’t feel – I don’t feel comfortable. Just simply, I don’t trust him. That’s it. You know, if if I would make contact with him, he would carry on exactly where he stopped last, you know, it’s just bad.”

Soon later, Rudolf’s interview answering these claims emerged. He stated that he has no resentment toward his brother’s words and that he can say whatever he wants about him. Moreover, he praised him as a person along with his musicianship and talents. Rudolf also stated that if calling him out makes him happy, he should continue doing so, and he hopes that they will play together soon.

Here are Rudolf’s words:

“I tell you one thing: I love my brother. He can say whatever he wants to say. He’s an amazing guitar player, an amazing person – whatever he wants to say, why not say it? [laughs] If that is what makes him happy, then okay. I wish him all the best.

I think, sooner or later, we will all be friends again, and we will play together again. My life is too happy to put myself into a dustbin over it. I want to live in the sky. I am so happy for my life.”

You can watch Michael’s interview below.