Ronnie Van Zant’s Favorite The Who And The Doors Songs

Lynyrd Skynyrd started their journey as high school students in the mid-’70s, not knowing what impact they would make one day. Local concerts played a crucial role in their careers, as record companies spotted them performing in bars. They stood out from other bands because of their unique sound, combining Southern rock with blues and country. Although they released their debut album ‘(Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd)’ in 1973, they already had a cult following in the South.

‘Free Bird’ and ‘Simple Man,’ featured on their debut album, paved the way for them to reach national stardom and a wider audience. The band’s second album, ‘Second Helping,’ was no less than their first album, which led them to grow their fan base even more.

The taste of fame caused some divisions among the band members, and they had to change members frequently. Ronnie Van Zant was the band’s lead singer and wrote most of the songs throughout the band’s career, up until the tragic plane crash that took the lives of him and his bandmates. He wrote a list of songs from his influences in the industry, which included the bands The Who and The Doors.

Which The Who And The Doors Songs Did Ronnie Van Zant Cite As His Favourites?

Ronnie Van Zant was the person who most embodied Southern Rock, not only with his stage presence and actions but also with his sound and lyrics. While Zant’s lyrics were essentially very Southern, with themes such as the importance of family and a deep bond with the land, the image they created for the public with the well-known phrase ‘sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll’ had diminished the quality of their lyrics.

Most musicians tend to have muses and influences that have shaped them and their music, and Ronnie was no exception. In 1965, at the age of seventeen, Ronnie saw The Rolling Stones perform live, and this performance completely changed his perception of the music he wanted to make. They are known to sound more like The Rolling Stones than The Beatles. Alongside these icons, he compiled a list of musicians who influenced them in their music, and two of the bands were The Who and The Doors. ‘Can’t Explain’ by The Who and ‘Light My Fires’ by The Doors were two of his favorites that were top on the list.

You can listen to the songs below.