Rolling Stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood: ‘Lockdown Would Not Be So Bad’

The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood took his official Instagram account to share a new photo of himself and shared his thoughts about the lockdown.

Following the epidemic of coronavirus, most people forced to stay inside to house to avoid the danger of the coronavirus, and the authorities suggested everybody stay in self-quarantine.

For almost a year, people are struggling to keep their mental health in these though days, and Ronnie explained how lockdown would not be as bad as everybody experienced.

While sharing an old picture of himself, Ronnie also mentioned that if you had a groovy pad as he had, and Mick Jagger and David Bowie could visit you to record a new song, it would be so fun to chill in the lockdown.

Here is what Ronnie Wood captioned:

Lockdown wouldn’t be so bad if you had a groovy pad like Ronnie’s, and Mick and Bowie were about to come over so you could record It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) in the garden shed! Ronnie in his palatial sitting room, Richmond, London, 1974.”

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