Roger Waters Reacts To Police Brutality, ‘Leave Our Kids Alone’

Roger Waters recently took to his official Twitter account to raise his voice against police violence following the killing of a 17-year-old teenager named Nahel Merzouk in France.

The musician tagged Legal Team Antiraciste in his message and wrote, referring to the French police:

“Hey, Les Flicks, leave our kids alive.”

One comment under his post supported the rocker’s stance, saying:

“Once again, you stand for the weak; once again, you expose yourself to the fury of the evil.”

Another user touched on his controversial opinions on the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war, stating:

“Good to see Roger not spouting Russian propaganda for now.”

Merzouk, an unarmed French citizen of Algerian and Moroccan descent, was shot during an encounter with two police officers in the suburb of Paris called Nanterre on June 27. Initially, residents gathered in protest outside the police headquarters, but the situation quickly escalated into riots. Demonstrators set cars on fire, destroyed bus stops, and even shot fireworks at the police.

The officer initially said he shot Nahel in self-defense. But a video emerged showing that the teenager wasn’t driving his car toward the police. Instead, he was shot while trying to escape. So, the video contradicted the officer’s account. The intensity of the unrest decreased after July 4.

You can check out the tweets below.