Roger Waters’ Peace Plan With David Gilmour That Was ‘Sadly’ Unfulfilled

Perhaps one of the most infamous feuds among former bandmates stars two Pink Floyd icons, David Gilmour and Roger Waters. The ex-band members’ creative differences basically turned them into enemies who have slammed each other on numerous occasions, even to this date.

Still, Waters and Gilmour had a few rare times when they managed to communicate, one of which happened back in June 2019. According to the former bassist, he even came up with a big peace plan for a meeting of theirs that would have thrilled every single fan of Pink Floyd if it had happened.

Roger Waters And David Gilmour Don’t See Eye To Eye

While creative differences are pretty much inevitable in every band, it’s fair to say that Pink Floyd members took it a little further when their clashing opinions didn’t find a meeting point for years, even up to this day. It all started when David Gilmour wanted Pink Floyd to move in the opposite direction of Roger Waters’ vision, who was the conceptual leader of the band.

Amid creative differences, Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985 and began a legal dispute over using the band’s name and material which was a move he regretted later. While the band settled everything out of court in 1987, the feud between Gilmour and Waters has been ongoing for more than thirty years. The tension between former bandmates has always been about their insistence on ruling Pink Floyd’s artistry. Both musicians still have a say about the band’s projects, which causes trouble when you have two dominant characters.

For instance, the two Pink Floyd icons had feuds over the rights to rule the band’s social media accounts. In relation to that, Gilmour has accused Waters of being sexist, and they fought over the release of a new mix of ‘Animals,‘ all of which are the proof of their never-ending grudge, which doesn’t allow them to make up even after all these years.

Roger Waters Recalled Having A ‘Peace Plan’ With David Gilmour

During a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Roger Waters was asked about his opinion on David Gilmour selling his guitars to donate money to fight climate change. The musician said that what his ex-bandmate had done was great, but it would also be great if he allowed him to advertise his movie on the Pink Floyd website on which Waters was banned.

Since the conversation led to the relationship between him and Gilmour, the interviewer asked the bassist the last time he spoke to his former bandmate. Apparently, they talked to each other in June, which was two months before that interview.

Roger Waters revealed that they had an important meeting for which he came up with a big peace plan. While fans would have appreciated it if such a thing happened, Waters said that nothing came out of it. However, it was nice to hear that these two musicians still talk to each other even though it didn’t give hope for their fans to dream about reconciliation.

When asked about Gilmour’s move on climate change, Waters said:

Oh, bless him. I think that’s a good thing. Good for him. I wish he’d let me advertise this movie on the Pink Floyd website. It’s not allowed. He censored it, and I’m not allowed to announce anything on it.”

Waters on the last time he spoke Gilmour:

“We spoke in June. We had a big meeting where I came up with a big peace plan that has come to nothing, sadly.”

Roger Waters continued his words by saying that he had a good reason for leaving Pink Floyd all those years ago even though he knows fans always wish for them to make amends today. Still, neither Waters nor Gilmour seems ready to bury the hatchet regardless of their fans’ expectations.