Roger Waters Believes There Is Still Hope For The Future After Seeing A Young Activist’s Letter


Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has thanked a young activist through his Twitter account for raising his hopes for the future.

As you may know, the lawyer Steven Donziger sued Chevron over dumping 16 billion gallons of oil into the ancestral lands of indigenous Ecuadorians. The case was related to the environmental damage and health effects resulting from oil drilling. Following that, the Ecuadorian courts ordered Chevron to pay $18 billion for the damages. Chevron then left Ecuador without making any effort to make up for their damage but instead targeted Steven Donziger.

Since August 2019, Donziger has been under house arrest. In July 2021, U.S. judge Loretta Preska found him guilty of six counts of criminal contempt of court. Therefore, Donziger is now facing a possible 6-month jail sentence. Following this news, protesters across the U.S. have called for justice for Donziger and demanded his immediate release.

One of these protesters is a 9-year-old activist Avery Tsai. She recently delivered a letter via the Sunrise Movement to Senator Chuck Schumer and demanded him to help stop Chevron’s legal assault over Donziger. Upon hearing the news, Steven Donziger posted a tweet announcing what Tsai did and said shows more courage than the elected officials.

Steven Donziger’s tweet read:

“On the eve of our NY rally, 9-year-old activist Avery Tsai today delivered a forceful letter to Senator Schumer from the Sunrise Movement at his home demanding a review of my Chevron-financed prosecution.

Why do children often have more courage than our elected officials?”

Roger Waters also reacted to the news and responded to Donziger’s tweet. In his message, he congratulated Avery Tsai for her deed and said kids like her raise his hopes for the future.

“Well done, Avery Tsai. With kids like you, there is hope for the future. Love, Roger.”

You can check out Roger Waters’ and Steven Donziger’s tweets below.