Roger Taylor Says Freddie Mercury’s Offer For Queen Royalties Didn’t Go Well For Him

During his recent interview, Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor recalled the time Freddie Mercury offered to split the band’s royalties equally among every band member. Although this seemed like a fair idea, the band’s drummer Roger Taylor explained why it disappointed him.

Although thirty years have passed since Freddie Mercury’s death, people continue to appreciate his talents more and more every day. After the Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was released in 2018, the subjects to talk about Queen also increased. The band members started to give more interviews and talk about the good old days when Freddie was still alive.

In his recent interview, Roger shared some details about the time he was the primary songwriter. He revealed that he and John Deacon took over the songwriting process in the ’80s. They didn’t really know how to split the royalties, so Freddie came up with the idea of sharing everything equally. The band agreed to this, but Roger wasn’t that content because he was writing most of the songs.

Here is how he talked about those days:

“Freddie and Brian were the main writers at first, and then John and myself sort of took over in the ’80s. And Fred came up with a wonderful solution. He said, ‘Look, everything is under the heading Queen, so we split it equally.’ This actually didn’t go that well for me, because I was writing most of the hits by then. But I can’t complain.”

Roger Taylor wrote hit songs such as ‘Calling All Girls,’ ‘Hijack My Heart,’ ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ and ‘Sheer Heart Attack.’ ‘Radio Ga Ga’ was a huge worldwide success for Queen. It reached No. 1 in 19 countries and was performed in every single concert, including 1985 Live Aid.

You can listen to ‘Radio Ga Ga’ below.