Roger Daltrey Recalls Being Kicked Out Of School At The Age Of 15 For Being ‘Rebel’

The Who co-founder and lead singer Roger Daltrey recently appeared as a guest on Saturday night’s Tommy Tiernan Show and revealed that he was expelled from high school at the age of 15 for acting rebellious, which surprisingly had a positive impact on him.

Along with his splendid music career, Roger Daltrey has also proven himself as an actor by appearing on many films and TV shows. However, his skills are not only limited to singing and acting. Daltrey also got into writing and penned a collection of childhood stories and forewords.

In October 2018, Roger Daltrey published his memoir named ‘Thanks a Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story,’ which references the headmaster who claimed he would achieve nothing. Daltrey was expelled from the school on his 15th birthday due to his rebellious behaviors. The things taught in the school didn’t appeal to him because he only wanted to sing. Thus, he was utterly unruly during the classes and was once kicked out of school.

Later on, he went to the headmaster’s office, and he told Daltrey that he would never make anything of his life, which inspired him to prove that he was wrong. During the conversation on the show, Daltrey again remembered this incident and stated that he wants to thank him now because what the headmaster said at the time has stayed in his mind. It certainly had a positive impact on his path to a successful career.

Roger Daltrey speaking on how he was expelled from the school:

“I got kicked out of school on my 15th birthday. I was a bit of a rebel. I always was a rebel. They were never teaching me anything I could relate to in my out-of-school life. I wasn’t stupid, I just wanted to be a singer. I always wanted to be a singer, I sang in the church choir. When we went into music lessons, they were showing us dots on pieces of paper.

It didn’t make any sense in the way my brain works. When you talk about music, to me it’s about making the noises, it’s singing, it’s playing guitar. I got very frustrated at school, and I ended up causing all kinds of havoc. I was an unruly part of the class. I probably interfered with quite a few people’s education, and I got thrown out on my 15th birthday.

As I was leaving his office, he said: ‘You’ll never make anything of your life, Daltrey.’ And I just thought, I’ll show you. I thank him now. That’s always stuck with me. I wrote my biography, which is called ‘Thanks a Lot Mr. Kibblewhite.’ I really mean that. Because if he hadn’t said that, I could have gone very wrong.”

You can watch that part of the conversation below.