Roger Daltrey On Keith Moon’s Many Characters, ‘He Was The Most Hurtful And Loving’

The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey reflected his feelings and thoughts about his late bandmate and drummer Keith Moon during his recent interview with The Independent. He drew attention to his hard to endure characteristics and talked about Moon’s upcoming biopic.

Keith Moon became one of the most talented and unique drummers worldwide since his first appearance on the rock music scene. However, at some point in his life and career, he became known for his destructive behaviors and severe addiction problems. Moon couldn’t get rid of his alcohol and drug addiction which harmed his relationships with his lovers, friends, bandmates, and many other people around him.

Even though the drummer was out of control, his bandmates tried to support him until his tragic death. Moon died because of an overdose of Heminevrin on September 7, 1978. In addition, Daltrey, who knew Moon closely and witnessed his many moments during their times together, highlighted his many characteristics probably caused by alcohol and drugs. He could be gentle, loving, and hurting simultaneously, which was very interesting for the singer.

Surprisingly, despite his tumultuous personality, the Who icon said everyone loved him thanks to his kind person. Daltrey shared his thoughts about the Moon biopic, saying that it was a long journey because he wasn’t satisfied with the scripts that many writers wrote over the years. For Daltrey, they couldn’t understand the real Keith Moon and the music industry, but they had a good one this time.

Daltrey stated in his interview that:

It’s been quite a journey. I’ve had so many scripts written by eminent scriptwriters, but they did not get it. They did not get him. They did not get into the music business. It’s been very difficult, but I’m quietly confident that we’ve got something special. What bit of his character would you like?

He was so many characters. Everything he was was magnified a thousand times. He was the kindest; he could be the most hurtful, spiteful, the most gentle, most loving. What a bunch of fellers! I’m sure he was autistic, and just because of his personality, no matter how bad it got, everybody loved him.”

Keith Moon’s long-awaited biographical movie that The Who members have been working on for a long time will be worked on this summer. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are the producers, while it’s directed by Paul Whittington and written by Jeff Pope.