Robert Plant Says He Was Trying To Escape The Shadow Of Led Zeppelin

The Rock God, Robert Plant, stated in an interview that he didn’t want to live in the shadow of Led Zeppelin, which is why he didn’t want to stick to his career with the band and wanted to move on.

Jimmy Page founded Led Zeppelin in 1968 after the Yardbirds broke up and kickstarted the band’s immortal musical career. They disbanded in 1980, at the peak of their career after the drummer John Bonham passed away. The band had stated that they couldn’t continue without Bonham, and they had to break up. Even though they reunited briefly on many occasions, they never reunited officially.

Robert Plant had to go through some tragic events while conquering the rock world with Led Zeppelin. In 1977 he lost his son Karac, who passed away at the age of five while Plant was on tour with his band. Three years after that, his friend and band member died in the house they were recording. Plant’s time with Led Zeppelin seems to have been a constant remembrance of these saddening events.

In his recent interview, the rock god stated that he is trying to escape his years with Led Zeppelin. He wanted to express himself more with his career after the band instead of being known as the Led Zeppelin star. Even though he acknowledged that he had ups and downs concerning his music career after leaving the band, it seems to have been worth it.

Here is what Plant stated about his Led Zeppelin period:

“I was always trying to escape the shadow of what had happened to me between 1968 and 1980. So I was trying so many different things, just to expand myself without really worrying about taking along an audience that only wanted me to be on autopilot. I made good music, and I made questionable music, but I did it all with a great flurry.

And there’s only a minor embarrassment now, maybe, perhaps a few dodgy haircuts. I mean, when you’re on maximum rotation on MTV, it’s just, how the hell did that happen? From the hammer of the gods to, um, 1983 solo ballad ‘Big Log.'”

Plant managed to find peace in the music world mainly after he collaborated with Allison Krauss. In 2007 the duo released ‘Raising Sand,’ which received an incredible amount of appreciation. Due to high demand, Plant and Krauss reunited in 2020 to release ‘Raise the Roof’ as a follow-up of their 2007 album.