Rob Trujillo Recalls The ‘Worst Times’ Of Ozzy Osbourne And Jerry Cantrell

Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo recently spoke about his ventures with other musicians and mentioned two big names he worked with, Ozzy Osbourne and Jerry Cantrell. He stated that he worked with these two rockstars at their worst.

The rock and roll world comes with parties, drugs, and alcohol, and musicians tend to lose themselves in the middle of this lifestyle. Many stars faded away by adapting to this lifestyle, and some lost their lives accidentally as a consequence.

However, some others, like the members of Metallica or Mötley Crüe, left this lifestyle for their remaining careers. So has other musicians like Ozzy Osbourne and Jerry Cantrell, but they were both at their ‘worst’ with drugs and partying at the peak of their career.

When Ozzy and Jerry were at their worst regarding drugs and partying, Metallica’s Robert Trujillo worked with them. He talked about this in a recent interview and revealed that he was struggling to make it work and prevent everything from going downhill.

Here is what the bassist said about Jerry and Ozzy:

“Any band I’ve ever been in, Ozzy, Jerry Cantrell, I’ve had everybody at, no disrespect, their worst in their lives in regards to drugs and partying. At that time, it’s like, ‘Okay, how do I make this work? How do I prevent the volcano from erupting?'”

Before Metallica, Rob Trujillo was in Suicidal Tendencies between 1989 and 1995 and was also involved in a funk metal supergroup Infectious Grooves. After 1995, the bassist joined Ozzy Osbourne and Jerry Cantrell until 2003, when he joined Metallica to remain their longest-serving bassist.