Ringo Starr Scares Fans With Stage Fall

As reported by TMZ, Ringo Starr frightened fans during a recent New Mexico concert at the Rio Rancho Events Center when he fell on stage while performing with his All-Starr Band.

During the encore performance of ‘Give Peace A Chance,’ the former Beatles drummer faced a mishap. As the band went on to play, Ringo rushed back onto the stage following a short break and stumbled, ultimately falling to the floor.

Shortly after the fall, the musician lightened the mood by making a joke about the incident, saying to the audience, in reference to the song’s title:

 “I feel over just to tell you that; thank you.”

A video footage recording the incident was uploaded on YouTube by TMZ. The fans reacted to it and expressed concern for the rocker’s wellness. One of them wrote:

“Why would he be running? Not even a stage is safe. His presence is energizing enough.”

Another fan said, referring to Starr’s swift recovery:

“He bounced right up. Smooth move. The show must go on. Hope he’s okay.”

One other comment reflected on Ringo’s physical agility and energy, writing:

“Wow, I’ve never seen an 80-odd-year-old man move, so………….not 80 odd. I think he may feel that one for a while.”

Another fan added some humor to the situation, saying:

“Typical drummer, comes in with a little roll!”

Ringo and his band kicked off their tour on May 19 in Temecula, California. They initially delivered shows on the West Coast. Then, during the autumn leg of the tour, they expanded their reach to include cities such as Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, and others. The tour will conclude in Thackerville, Oklahoma, on October 13.

You can see the video footage from his fall below.