Rick Allen Reveals Def Leppard’s Connection With Thin Lizzy And Phil Lynott

Def Leppard members are known for their admiration for Thin Lizzy’s music. So, the rumors about Phil Lynott breaking up the band just because they couldn’t compete with Def Leppard’s ‘Pyromania’ saddened them. Apparently, Rick Allen doesn’t believe Lynott was serious because Thin Lizzy hugely influenced them, as the drummer recently disclosed to WBAB 102.3’s Joe Rock.

Vivian Campbell and Joe Elliott have openly admitted that Thin Lizzy inspired them through Def Leppard’s career. Campbell felt Phil Lynott had a unique charisma after meeting him on tour with Sweet Savage. Elliott, on the other hand, argued Lynott was an absolute hero and legend who was a significant influence on the band.

In a previous interview with Classic Rock, Elliott had said that Phil Lynott heard about their ‘Pyromania’ as they shared the same label. According to what the singer recalled, Phil told him he disbanded Thin Lizzy after listening to their album because he believed he couldn’t compete with that. However, Joe wasn’t happy to hear that ‘compliment.’

Speaking in a new conversation, Rick Allen was asked whether Elliott’s story was true. Not sure if Phil Lynott was serious, the drummer said Thin Lizzy’s massive influence on Def Leppard is a well-known fact. After that, Allen hoped this was a joke Phil had made, considering that he was the one who inspired them.

Here is what Rick Allen told about the rumors:

“I’ve heard Joe tell that story, and I don’t know how serious Phil Lynott was. But if anybody knows anything about Def Leppard, they know that Thin Lizzy were a massive, massive influence on this band. So for Phil Lynott to say that, as I say, I hope he was joking because they were a massive influence on Def Leppard.”

So, Rick Allen doesn’t want to believe Joe Elliott’s story as Def Leppard were actually massively inspired by Thin Lizzy’s music. Due to that, he hopes Phil Lynott was just joking around because his band was one of their inspiration sources.