Rick Allen On Connecting With Wolfgang Van Halen Through Eddie Memories

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen recently sat down with Paltrocast and spoke about connecting with Wolfgang Van Halen through his dad Eddie Van Halen’s old friend. He recalled:

“Well, interestingly enough, I was very fortunate to meet Wolfie’s dad. I met him through a friend of mine, Steve Lukather, who played with Toto… I had the opportunity to get on a golf cart with Wolfie the other day, and as we were going up to the stage, I said, ‘You know I met your dad through Steve Lukather.’ I guess Wolfie is still very close with Steve; it was a really wonderful moment.”

Knowing that the Toto guitarist was close friends with Eddie, Rick brought up Steve to connect with Wolf. Lukather even told the story of how they met in a 2020 interview with Guitar Player; he explained:

“The first time I heard him [Eddie], I was doing the debut Toto record, and David Paich played ‘Eruption’ over the big speakers. I said, ‘What the fuck was that? Who is this?’ I was 19 years old… We met a little while after that and became friends. I borrowed one of his amps for an Elton John session in 1979.”

However, when asked during the interview whether he discussed anything about Van Halen with Wolfgang, the drummer said:

“No, I mean, I didn’t feel it was appropriate, but I felt it was nice to tell him that I did know his dad, which I figured would, you know, endear him to me.”

Allen went on to praise Wolfgang as he added:

“What a beautiful human being; he’s so well balanced, and you know we all just rally to support him because you know he’s gone through a lot of hardship and a lot of loss; so beautiful guy, and I guess we’re going to keep in touch so it was nice to meet him.”

You can watch Rick Allen’s interview with ‘Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz’ below.