Rick Allen Discusses His ‘Frustrating’ Comeback To Def Leppard

In a recent episode of Def Leppard’s ‘The Behind The World Tour’ series on YouTube, Rick Allen and Phil Collen recalled the time when they worked on their comeback album ‘Hysteria’ after Rick’s car accident that cost him his left arm. Phil explained:

“So we’re coming up to Belville cottage, which is this house we stayed in during ‘Hysteria,’ and it’s where Rick learned to play drums again. We actually took it over from Spandau Ballet that we’re playing there; they invited us around their house, and we’re like, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’ They were like, ‘Yeah, the lease is up. Do you want to take it on from us?’ So we actually did.”

Rick shared how hard he worked to play the drums again by saying:

“It was a long time ago, but there’s a lot of history here in terms of Def Leppard getting back on its feet and me in particular, like, you know, just learning how to play drums again every morning until, I mean, every day.”

Collen added that Rick’s initial ‘frustration’ improved over time as he played the tracks from top to bottom. He expressed:

“From like literally eight in the morning, there was me, Rick, and Steve [Clark]. We were staying here, and literally, he wouldn’t stop. You heard the progression because he’d get frustrated at first, then all of a sudden, you heard him play things all the way through because he was literally substituting this foot for this arm.”

Rick had also previously talked about how he got back his groove with the drums in an interview with the SDR Show last year, where the drummer had said:

“In reality, I didn’t have to relearn how to play with one arm. There was a realization that the information was in my head, and then I experienced a little bit, my left hand coming out in my right hand, my left leg out of my right leg. It was almost like an ancient response.”

You can watch the ‘Behind The World Tour’ episode and listen to ‘Hysteria’ below.