Rick Allen Confirms Def Leppard Members Got Together For A Mysterious Project


Def Leppard’s Rick Allen recently joined an interview with Gater Bites and talked about his solo projects and the band’s upcoming tour. He also hinted at a new project by the band without going into any details.

It has been seven years since Def Leppard’s self-titled eleventh studio album arrived on October 30, 2015, marking the band’s latest release. Their new album is on the way and is set to be released on May 27, 2022. The album titled ‘Diamond Star Halos’ will include 15 tracks and feature Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, and David Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson. The upcoming album’s lead single named ‘Kick’ is also recently released.

Besides the new album, Def Leppard will also be busy hitting the road for their long-awaited ‘Stadium Tour.’ Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts will also join them as other acts. The tour begins on June 16 in Atlanta and ends on September 9 in Las Vegas. The forthcoming tour, which was delayed several times due to the pandemic, will allow the band to promote the new album.

During his recent appearance on Gater Bites, the band’s drummer Rick Allen was asked when they last performed together. Allen responded by saying that Def Leppard recently came together in England and started to work on some new exciting projects. He stated that he can’t give too many details right now, but the fans will soon hear about it.

When asked about the last time Def Leppard got together, Allen said:

“Actually recently. I can’t really disclose too much, but we recently spent quite a bit of time in England. We worked on some really exciting projects that people are going to get to hear about in the not too distant future.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation and listen to ‘Kick’ below.