Meet The Team

You can see the editorial team of Rock Celebrities on this page. Outsourcing staff hired for content, software staff, and financial experts are not included here.

Feyyaz Ustaer (Editor-In-Chief)

He's not only the Editor-In-Chief of RC but also the CEO of TG Media that has seven websites reaching 20+ million readers every month.

Almila Kutuk (Managing Editor)

Almila is the Managing Editor of RC who has an interest in rock and metal music as well as in American literature. Additionally, she has a passion for traveling around the world and an endless love for animals.

Selin Hayat Hacialioglu (Executive Editor)

Selin is an editor who is a fellow rock fan and loves creating content about music. Aside from that, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and doing research about English Literature and Gender Studies.

Melek Nur Pervan (Senior Editor)

Melek is an editor with a passion for all things related to music. Other than writing, she is also into camping, wildlife, and adventures in nature.

Eren Merdan Gursoy (Editor)

He's an Editor that interested in metal music, sports, gaming, and photography. Also, doing a Master's Degree at Istanbul University.

Melisa Iscan (Editor)

Melisa is interested in rock music, creative writing, drama, and yoga. Her biggest dream is to become a world-renown writer.

Elif Ozden (Editor)

Elif is a fan of rock and metal music along with her passion for writing. Apart from that, she is a dog mom and a gamer who loves reading and researching topics she does not know much about.

Su Yeniocak (Editor)

Su is obsessed with everything related to music. She also has an interest in fashion and photography.