Randy Rhoads Didn’t Waste Time Concerning About Eddie Van Halen, Rudy Sarzo Explains

Eddie Van Halen might be one of the guitarists who changed the direction of rock music, but neither Randy Rhoads nor Rudy Sarzo wasted their time concerning about him.

Sarzo took to X to slam the user that claimed Rhoads was busy concerning about the guitarist. The user claimed Rhoads knew ‘he and Eddie were not similar other than the songwriting process.’ Sarzo responded by sharing the secret behind his and Rhoads’ success:

“Randy and I never discussed other musicians. Too busy focusing on our goals.”

As a response, another user claimed that every other rocker was talking about Eddie when he hit the scene. Sarzo replied:

“You don’t get to be inducted to the Rock Hall of Fame like Randy has by wasting your time concerned about what other musicians are composing and performing.”

The Comparison Of Rhoads And EVH

For years, Rhoads has been compared to the Van Halen guitarist and was even claimed to rip off songs from him. But Sarzo knew this was never the case. During an interview, Sarzo said Rhoads never lived enough to be the next Eddie Van Halen. He then added:

In another interview, the bassist also explained if Rhoads was ever influenced by Eddie. As it turns out, he wasn’t. The rocker said:

“So what happened is Randy is not really influenced, it’s not like somebody who started to play guitar because he heard Eddie Van Halen for the first time. No, Randy had his own roots, and so did Eddie.”

You can see Sarzo’s posts below.