R.E.M’s Michael Stipe Says He’s Never Been A Fan Of The Beatles


Former R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe recently spoke to R.T.E. and revealed the music genre he was listening to when he was a little kid. Also, Stipe confessed that he hasn’t been a big fan of The Beatles and their works.

As you might know, The Beatles have always been one of the most influential and popular rock bands since their formation in 1960. The band explored different music genres and became key figures of 1960s counterculture and popular music. Thus, their music greatly influenced many legendary rock bands and still inspires new generation musicians.

However, there were some people like Michael Stipe who preferred to listen to more rock-oriented songs. In his recent interview, Michael Stipe admitted that he didn’t listen to the Beatles when he was a child. He added that he was never a fan of the band without giving a reason. Apparently, he preferred the Rolling Stones over the Beatles due to the band members’ unmatchable skills as composers and songwriters.

Here’s what the host asked:

“One of the things about you when you were a kid. There was The Beatles, The Rolling Stones happening. You were just probably too young but you were still getting into music. That’s was happening on the radio was The Beatles, they were just breaking down every single barrier. You were listening to pop on the radio. The best for you was the Monkeys.”

In Stipe’s words, he said:

“That was appropriate for a six-year-old at that time. I mean a six-year-old shouldn’t be listening to them. So I was listening to the stuff that was available to me through cereal boxes and Saturday morning cartoons. That’s the stuff they really influenced and kind of came out through my own work.

The Beatles… God bless them! They did some great stuff and I have just never been a fan. Truthfully, it’s odd that we’re having this conversation this week because Charlie Watts has just left us and that’s so sad but I have really enjoyed The Rolling Stones, their music, and their choices as songwriters.”

In addition, after the host’s question about what kind of music he was listening to during his childhood, Stipe didn’t forget to pay tribute to late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts who recently passed away.