Queen’s Brian May Explains Why He Thinks Rock Music Is Eternal


Queen lead guitarist Brian May opened up about the influence of Elvis Presley‘s influence on the band, especially on the frontman Freddie Mercury during a recent interview with Express, and apparently, the similar physicality of both musicians is what makes rock music eternal.

As you may know, there has been a notorious, never-ending, and always popping debate about rock music, whether it’s still alive or dead. The roots to this matter go all the way back when KISS bassist Gene Simmons once stated that rock is dead during an interview and since then, musicians always open up about the subject, revealing their opinions.

While there’s no doubt that rock music still is present with millions of fans who are supporting their favorite bands even if they don’t perform live performances or record new material anymore. The reason for this argument is that rock music isn’t the mainstream anymore and there aren’t many new rock bands, however, that doesn’t seem to change the fact that rock is everlasting.

During a recent interview, Brian May supports this fact with his statements about the necessity of physicality for rock music, according to May, the embodiment of rock music by musicians is what makes it eternal. While explaining the influence of Elvis Presley on Queen and Freddie Mercury, the iconic guitarist gave those two musicians as the example, stating that rock music isn’t just about the voice, it’s more about the whole experience.

Here is what May said:

“There’s a kind of whole-body commitment, experience, and a conviction that takes place on so many levels. Yes you can cram some of it onto a gramophone record, but that’s not all there is.

There’s a spirit there that gets across to you in every way and I think Elvis had that. It was very physical. That’s very important. It’s vital.

That’s why rock music, I would say, is eternal. It’s become one of the most physical manifestations of music in the world.”

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