Prince Felt Connected To Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, Former Assistant Says


Late singer Prince’s former assistant Ruth Violette revealed a conversation between her and the musician years ago in one of her recent posts on Medium. She claimed that Prince admired and appreciated Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and shared his ideas about the frontman.

Nine Inch Nails released their debut studio album entitled ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ on October 20, 1989, and it became a milestone work for the industrial rock genre. Reznor wrote all songs, and he used angst, betrayal, and lovesickness as the main themes for his album. Also, English producer Flood and the frontman himself produced the record. With the first album, the band got critical acclaim quickly.

In the album’s liner notes, Reznor paid tribute to Prince. This special thanks made the singer one of his and the band’s significant influences, alongside The Clash, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, Queen, and many others. Therefore, it can be said that Prince’s funk, R&B, rock, new wave, and soul-fused songs inspired Reznor a lot. However, we didn’t know anything about Prince’s response to it until now.

According to the late icon’s former assistant, Prince was going to almost every live show during the early 2000s. They discovered and had a chance to listen to different bands like that, such as Radiohead, Coldplay, and Muse. Then, Violette added that he asked her about Nine Inch Nails, and Prince stated it was Reznor who represented the band. The singer said he liked Reznor’s style and defined him as an outlier and an extraordinary person like him.

Here’s what Prince asked:

“What about Nine Inch Nails?”

Violette responded:

“Oh, I haven’t listened to them.”

Prince then said:

“You mean him.

The assistant’s question read:


Prince added:

“Trent Reznor. He is Nine Inch Nails. I like him and what he’s done. He’s a bit of an outlier, like me.

You can listen to the album below.