Polyphia Guitarist Tim Henson’s Dream Band Lineup

The music alchemist Polyphia‘s Tim Henson is known for imagining unusual yet fascinating mixes. As every musician has many influences and artistic heroes, Henson’s dream band lineup is a fascinating glimpse into the eclectic and far-reaching tastes of this young guitarist.

Just as a master chef combines flavors and textures to create a culinary masterpiece, Henson’s dream lineup is a tantalizing medley of genres and styles that whet the appetite of the most discerning listener. To better understand the motivations behind his selections, let us deconstruct his 2020 interview with Guitar Villains and explore his dream band roster in depth.

Henson unveiled his dream lineup, a veritable lineup of musical talent. He envisions Drake as the lyrical focal point, a nod to the rapper’s undeniable prowess and penchant for storytelling. For the guitarist role, Henson taps Guthrie Govan, a topnotcher who is both a technical wizard and a versatile collaborator, having worked with the likes of Hans Zimmer. Henson’s choice of Eric Moore on drums reflects his admiration for Moore’s skills, as well as a nod to his own drummer’s preferences.

Tim Henson’s words about his dream band lineup read:

“Then I guess I could start building the band from there, so I would pick a rapper for sure I think Drake, just because I would love to like to have his lyricism, would be kind of the focal point, and then musician-wise, who would I pick guitar wise I would love to have someone that could just shit all over me but would do the things that like me and Lido want them to so maybe like Guthrie [Govan] or somebody just like so insane with it you know like exactly I mean like technically he could do anything.

I mean and you know like he plays with like Hans Zimmer and like will do whatever like Hans needs him to do for the music you know I mean so I think he would be like a great asset to have in the band. Drummer, I would pick. I don’t know that many drummers, but maybe like I’m trying to remember names that my drummer likes; his favorite drummer, I think, his favorite known as Eric Moore.”

Tim’s dream band lineup showcases his artistic vision and the boundless possibilities of collaboration. This hypothetical ensemble, composed of Drake’s potent lyricism, Guthrie Govan’s unparalleled guitar acrobatics, and Eric Moore’s rhythmic mastery, not to mention his pick as the producer Lido, speaks volumes about the guitarist’s willingness to explore uncharted musical territory. One can only imagine the symphony that could arise from such an alliance of A-lister talent.