Poison’s Rikki Rockett Criticizes Cruel Comments On The Oceangate Catastrophe

Rikki Rockett, the drummer of Poison, has criticized those who made ‘inhumane’ comments about the passengers of the Titan submarine via a Facebook post.

The sub had been on a sightseeing tour down to the wreck of the Titanic before it disappeared last Sunday. On Wednesday, Rockett, about the incident and the cruel comments, read the following:

“My heart goes out to the people and families of the missing submarine. I have heard some really inhumane comments from people like, ‘Play stupid games, get stupid prizes!’ and A-hole comments like that. Really? People being that judgemental and inhumanly pathetic blow my mind.

Have YOU ever done something that was important to you but seemed stupid and a waste of money to others? I bet we all have. I seriously think the collective consciousness can help in dire situations. Can’t we please just offer decency at a time like this? Godspeed to everyone involved.”

A day after, Rockett shared another post after the passengers in the sub were pronounced dead. Again, addressing the people who made fun of it, the post read:

“Terrible news about the Oceangate vessel, but it at least looks like they never knew it was coming. God bless the families and friends who passed. I hope people are saved in the future learning from this. To the people who are making fun of this catastrophe… you are very special A-holes. I won’t forget you! I will never view you in the same way.”

The drummer commented on his latest post about the disaster, stating that it would be the last time he talked about it. He said:

“My last word on this… Yes, it was too risky, and I personally would not have done it. However, exploration is so important to humanity. Space, ocean, whatever. It’s human nature to push boundaries. It’s pretty much essential for mankind even though this event one might see simply as a rich man’s game. Have your opinion, fine.

My issue is people feeling the need to be a dark comedian. Then, if you don’t laugh, then they try and put it back on you! Then they call you names or use the ‘triggered’ or ‘too sensitive’ card. Good God, people like that… well, I’m sure glad you weren’t my parents!”

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