Pink Floyd Introduce David Gilmour’s Wife As Band’s Lyricist, Roger Waters Fans Are Furious

Roger Waters’ fans reacted to how Pink Floyd introduced David Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson.

Pink Floyd shared a photo of Samson and Gilmour together to celebrate Polly’s birthday and said in the caption:

“Our very best wishes for a happy birthday to best-selling author and lyricist for Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, Polly Samson. Here’s Polly in the studio with David, just before Christmas.”

Fan Reactions To Pink Floyd’s Birthday Post

The group’s introduction of Samson as their songwriter has drawn criticism from Waters’ fans. One person referred to Syd Barrett and Waters’ lyrical skills, writing:

“Syd’s [Barrett] lyrics were praised by ppl like [David] Bowie and were fascinating. Roger’s lyrics will go down in history as some of the greatest and have universal acclaim. Rly don’t think David Gilmore’s wife who happened to write a few lyrics, that haven’t inspired anyone, can be considered in this category.”

Another comment also questioned the post:

“Weird post. Never seen this page wishing happy birthday to Roger’s wife, or Nick’s wife, or Richard’s wife. I guess Roger was right all along.”

One other person likened Samson to Yoko Ono:

“Poll is the Yoko Ono of Pink Floyd.”

Another again referred to Waters’ contributions to the band and said:

“She wrote the lyrics now? No wonder they’ve sucked since Roger left.”

Waters Made Fun Of Polly’s Lyrical Support For Gilmour

It is known that Waters has never been happy with Samson’s contributions to Pink Floyd or Gilmour’s solo work. In the guitarist’s new record, ‘Luck and Strange,’ Polly again stands out as his collaborator. Samson previously spoke to Rolling Stone and shared how Roger criticized her help to Gilmour:

“I don’t hide anymore. The first time I wrote lyrics, I got a pretty bad response from David’s former lyricist which really kind of stung at the time. It shouldn’t have, but I didn’t know anything about these things at the time. When I first wrote lyrics on ‘The Division Bell,’ I didn’t want my name on it because we just lived in a time where things were really sexist.”

Gilmour also added that initially, his wife was supposed to help him with lyrics, but he pushed her to take a more active role. Samson co-wrote most of the lyrics in the guitarist’s new album, ‘Luck and Strange.’ The first single, ‘The Piper’s Call’ dropped on April 25 and the full record will arrive on September 6.

You can see Pink Floyd’s post below.

Photo Credit: Pink Floyd – Instagram