Phil Collins’ Son Nic Is Certain His Band Can Save Rock Music From ‘Stale’ State

In a recent discussion with BraveWords correspondent Greg Prato, Phil Collins’ son, Nic, shared his belief that his band, The Effect, could revive the currently stale rock music scene.

Nic, alongside Trev (son of Toto guitarist Steve Lukather), keyboardist Steve Maggiora of Toto, and vocalist Emmett Stang, have formed The Effect, a band that merges the legacy of rock with a fresh perspective. With two songs already public, ‘Unwanted’ and ‘Something Wrong,’ The Effect is anticipating the release of their full-length debut.

A New Hope For Rock

The musician stated, highlighting the band’s blend of hefty riffs and pop sensibility aimed at refreshing the genre’s familiar sounds:

“I think The Effect brings a unique take to the current rock music scene. I feel rock has been a bit stale recently, and The Effect brings back hooks and accessible songwriting to the genre. In addition, we all like heavy music, so there’s lots of big riffs and moments that are mixed in with the pop sensibility.”

A Distinct Sound In A Crowded Scene

Each member of The Effect brings their own view on what makes the band stand out in today’s rock landscape. Vocalist Emmett Stang emphasized the group’s intention to create music with both musical and lyrical value, explaining:

“The Effect has a unique sound and intention. Our M.O. was to create material we felt had musical and lyrical value, but we’re all about having fun, perhaps the essential element. Beyond the music, we’re a party band; we’re here to entertain. We want to give people a good time, and while we’re having a riot on stage, everybody’s invited.”

Lukather’s Opinions On The Band

Trev also shared his thoughts on the band’s position within the rock genre, stressing the importance of having a distinct voice in a market often dominated by similarity. He shared:

“I think we fit well. We are sonically different, but that’s a good thing. We don’t want to be a clone of another band that’s already out. There are a lot of bands using the same producers and mixers and it can sound exactly the same. We have our own voice and most times, that’s a harder sell but with a bigger pay off. We want to stick out and we will the more we build the buzz.”

The inception of The Effect was not without its challenges, as Trev revealed the personal hesitations he had to overcome due to past experiences. His decision to start the band was ultimately fueled by a desire for creative and personal renewal.